Hi! I’m Brenda Pearle, and I have spent the last 28 years raising and homeschooling four boys. My nest is officially empty, but I have three adorable grandchildren, so it feels like it’s still bustling.  I am passionate about my family, I am crazy about Christmas (yes, I love Hallmark), I have multiple health issues and have googled all the ones I don’t have, I love visiting new places, I try to love coffee, I often find myself in the middle of four different books at once, I’ve returned to school to finish my degree in creative writing, and I’m an ambivert who thrives in her comfort zone. Oh, and I am married to Trucker Trent. Homeschooling was a blast (and my greatest accomplishment), but an empty nest after being with my boys 24/7 has left me in a very strange place. Daily Pearle resulted from laughing my way through a list of ideas on what to do during quarantine. Blogging sounded easier than clogging, so after three years, it’s here.

I have discovered that I love writing about everyday things, so this is just a place for me to share how I am enjoying life after 50. I scuffle with life sometimes, but thankfully, I am a realist with both humor and God on my team.

I have often wondered what emoji God uses the most often in His dealings with me.